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Over 50 Years of Experience

Firmly established in Mumbai, our family, with three generations, proudly carries forward our love for fashion accessories, now spanning over half a century.

What began as a modest manufacturing endeavour has flourished into a dynamic network of capabilities cultivated over decades of dedication and innovation. Today, we stand as a cornerstone of excellence in the domestic market, sought after by discerning clients for our commitment to quality and service.

Going Global

In 1999, our second-generation started Banka Impex, as the export arm. For the next 15 years, we established and grew partnerships in Europe and Australia, expanding our product portfolio.

Embracing the Digital Era

The third generation spotted an opportunity to start a retail brand with the arrival and growth of online marketplaces in India. In 2014, while still in high school, Yash started retailing on Flipkart under the name B-Fashionable. Sales grew, and we expanded to other platforms such as Amazon.

We soon rebranded to FURE and rapidly expanded our retail product portfolio. In 2017, we applied for a trademark, and for the first time, we felt the joy of serving a large customer base beyond our loyal clique of buyers.

With this, we also updated our processes to be more agile and innovative. For the first time, we started using CAD and 3D printing along with serving corporate clients.

Towards Tomorrow

In 2024, we laid the groundwork for the next chapter in our journey. Our vision for FURE extends beyond the present, aiming to become a hub of diverse brands. We're kicking off this new phase with four exciting sub-brands.

FURE Pins is all about enamel pins that you'll love to wear.
FURE Manufactory is where we'll showcase our manufacturing prowess, catering to both big businesses and emerging retailers.
FURE Living is our answer to making your home even more special and comfortable.
FURE Studio is where we nurture fresh ideas, ready to transform into exciting new ventures.